Only fools and horses dating agency

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Derek Trotter - Del Boy to his friends (and enemies) - is a loveable rogue and dodgy market trader.In the 1980s and early 1990s he and his brother worked their socks off trying to make some easy money with the help of their yellow 3 wheeled van and a suitcase, but none of their deals amounted to anything.Wealthy Boycie is the local second hand car dealer.He's extremely arrogant, a scrooge and a complete snob; no surprise, therefore, that he's the but of many of the pub regulars' jokes.Despite giving off the aura of not being the smartest card in the deck, Grandad could be extremely crafty if required.Having trained as a chef at one of London's largest venues (the Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital), Del and Rodders' stomachs were the main beneficiaries when Grandad passed away.

Despite appearances, and their constant jokes and remarks at each others' expense, Boycie and Marlene's marriage is strong. The long-suffering wife of Boycie, Marlene has developed somewhat of a taste for the finer things in life.Uncle Albert is taken in by Del and Rodney after Grandad's funeral, when it becomes apparent he has nowhere to live.Albert's an old sea dog, seemingly with a Navy tale to suit every occasion - much to Del and Rodney's annoyance.Rachel Turner, an aspiring actress, model, and occasional stripagram and magician's assistant under the stage name Raquel, first encountered Del via the Technomatch Matrimonial Agency in 1988.Del was enamoured, but after an unfortunate misunderstanding they lost touch as she went to America for work, only to be reunited a year later in Margate.

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