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The National Park Service has conducted road and trail surveys and trail camera surveillance in the past, designed to detect cougars in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The DNR has never released cougars in Michigan, and has no plans to do so. A few people who owned cougars or large cats prior to 2000 are still permitted to own these animals.

“We saw working class girls walk out of their dorms to visit boys, and the privileged girls would say, ‘why are you wearing that?They found that the women’s “trajectories were shaped not only by income ...but also by how much debt they carried, how much financial assistance they could expect from their parents, their social networks, and their financial prospects.”But in the process, they began to notice that the women’s attitudes about sex were also influenced by their families’ incomes.It is possible that escaped or released pet cougars account for at least a portion of the sightings in Michigan. Several species of the larger spotted cats (leopard and jaguars) do have black color phases. Report Cougar Observations Online If you have physical evidence of a cougar (scat, tracks, or carcass), contact your local DNR Operations Service Center.An exotic cat called a jaguarundi, which looks somewhat similar to a cougar -- just a smaller size, has a black phase. After business hours, contact the DNR Report all Poaching (RAP) hotline at 800-292-7800.

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